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The MEAT Butchery is a meat store that has an excellent selection of beef and lamb cuts, which are prepared just like in a restaurant. The meat is cut into suitable pieces (usually 250 g), the membrane and other unnecessary parts are trimmed off, and the meat is packaged.

Most of the meat in our store comes from Uruguay, Brazil and Australia. We also offer domestic beef that has been dry-aged for 30 days – tenderloin, sirloin, T-bone and sirloin on the bone.

In addition to our selection of meats, the Butchery also provides various sauces for your roast, spices, craft breads, special steak butter prepared according to our own recipe, and much more!

Butchery Prices (these approximate prices may change based on the purchase price):

Beef Tenderloin (Brazil) / Black Angus (1.8 kg + 4/5 LB) – ca €39.90 kg

Entrecote (Uruguay) / Black Angus – ca €39.90 kg

Tomahawk Steak (Australia) – ca €39.90 kg

New York Strip (Brazil) – ca €24.90 kg

T-Bone Steak (Brazil) 400 g – ca €13.90 kg

Picanha Steak – ca € 29.90 kg

Beef Brisket – ca €17.90 kg

Beef Chuck – ca €10.90 kg

Beef Roast – ca €24.90 kg

Dry-aged T-Bone – ca €45.00 kg

Dry-aged Beef Tenderloin – ca €45.90 kg

Dry-aged Beef Sirloin– ca €29.90 kg

Rack of Lamb (New Zealand) – ca €27.90 kg

Lamb Sirloin (New Zealand) – ca €27.90 kg

Lamb Chops – ca €12.90 kg